Lift safely with a Lift Table

Lift Tables constitute one of the main solutions in material handling. These platform de- vices lift or lower heavy loads using a scissors mechanism, improving employee safety by eliminating the need of manual lifts.

Whether a lift table is electric of hydraulic, it’s generally made to carry countless amounts of heavy loads, besides a lot of different uses such as work surface, and even as hydraulic elevators for workers (specific models).

Hydraulic lift tables eliminates repetitive bending and manual lifting, therefore reduce the risk of back injuries. On the other hand, lift table trolleys such as our SPS350 model are

designed to move easily through the warehouse, increasing productivity. This hydraulic model has an overload-pass valve which provides protection to the operator and the pump, it’s easy to handle with a foot operated hydraulic lift, and a hand operated descent control. It lifts up to 770 lbs to a 51” height. Want to meet this product? Call our sales team or Get a Quote.